WhatsApp Messenger Baixar Última Versão – {Atualizado Em 2021}

Varies with device

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Varies with device
September 17, 2020
Varies with device
Varies with device
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O WhatsApp é um dos  aplicativos de bate-papo e mensagens instantâneas mais populares  disponíveis atualmente. O serviço permite que os usuários  salvem dados  enviando mensagens por meio de uma conexão de computador com a Internet. Normalmente, as pessoas usam este aplicativo em dispositivos móveis, mas com a nova versão do Windows, você pode finalmente acessar os bate-papos direto do seu desktop messenger.

WhatsApp no ​​seu desktop

Comunique-se do seu computador de trabalho ou laptop com facilidade com este  download do WhatsApp para PCs.  O novo aplicativo de desktop está disponível para download no Windows  e no MacOS. O software  sincroniza com o aplicativo  em seu dispositivo móvel. Além disso, como você o instala de forma nativa, você pode personalizar as notificações e os atalhos do teclado de acordo com sua preferência.

Uma interface simples e elegante

A interface de desktop do WhatsApp é o que você esperaria, sem frescuras ou bagunça. As opções são claras e bem organizadas. Para quem está familiarizado com o WhatsApp para Android, navegação e usabilidade dispensam explicações. Se você não estiver familiarizado com ele, é fácil de aprender.

Não é preciso muito tempo ou esforço para aprender. As opções são uma reminiscência do programa WhatsApp para Android. Os usuários também podem estar familiarizados com a versão do navegador da Web, que é muito semelhante em funcionalidade e layout.

Quase sempre, ótimas funções

download do WhatsApp  para o seu PC é muito semelhante à versão mobile e web. A maior parte do que você espera ver e fazer é oferecida, exceto que agora está em uma tela maior. Você pode bater papo,  enviar e receber fotos  ou outros documentos. O aplicativo também oferece a capacidade de criar e administrar grupos e fazer alterações em seu perfil.

Sincronização em tempo real

Depois de instalar este software, você terá que escanear o código QR usando seu dispositivo móvel. Isso é semelhante ao  WhatsApp Web.  Depois disso, seus dispositivos serão sincronizados e você pode começar a bater papo em seu laptop ou computador desktop.

While the app is similar to the web version, its nice to be able to access chats without having to open a web browser. The program is made more accessible by modifying the settings so that you’ll receive native desktop notifications.

The problem is that you’ll need a constant connection to your phone. If your mobile device happens to be dead, then you cant log into the desktop version. Other programs, like LINE, offer a one-time password method. This keeps your messages secure, but it doesn’t hamper your desktop experience in case of a dead phone battery.

Chat better, faster, and more comfortably

Connections are typically faster through a PC, so files will transfer faster and messages will be delivered swiftly. Not only is the display larger and easier on the eyes, but chatting on a computer keyboard is also much quicker and more comfortable for many.

As with other versions, this chat app gives you the power to manage groups with up to 256 people at a time. You can name the group, too, as well as customize notifications. These are useful for planning events or for professional settings.

A better experience

If you have a webcam and microphone on your computer, you can send photos, videos, and audio clips through your PC.

A phone always has to be connected

Unfortunately, the fact that the app is connected to your phone is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Your mobile device will need to be connected at all times that you are using WhatsApp for Windows. To reduce your data usage, make sure your Android or iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Some options are missing

There are a few unexpected flaws with the desktop app. A few options are missing, such as the ability to contact people through voice and video calls. With WhatsApp for Windows 10 PCs, you also cant share your current location.

Alternative programs

If you’re looking for other platforms, there are a couple of similar apps you can try.

WhatsApp Messenger Baixar

LINE for Windows works the same way as WhatsApp, but you wont need a constant phone connection to use the desktop program. Instead, you’ll enter a one-time password and get access to your account on your computer. You’ll still need a working phone number, though, so that requirement remains consistent.

You could also pick up Telegram for Desktop, but you’ll still need a mobile account like with LINE and WhatsApp. This program is also available for Mac.

If you don’t have a reliable number, IM+ is a great option. It combines all of your messaging services for popular accounts like Facebook. Its a good alternative, especially if you want to keep all your messages in one place.

Effortless desktop chatting

For those who do a lot of work on their computer throughout the day and do not want to worry about having to switch between devices, downloading WhatsApp for Windows is the right call. Our only hope for the future is that we will be able to enjoy this app without having to have our phones connected.

Even though there are some minor annoyances and missing features, this desktop version of the globally popular messaging app is convenient and well designed. Once this app can work independently, without the connection of a mobile device, it will be a must-download for every WhatsApp user with a Windows PC.

If you download the desktop apps newest version, youll have access to seamless messaging as long as your device runs on at least Windows 10. For the best results, WhatsApp recommends that your PC also has an integrated keyboard, mouse, and camera.


The new WhatsApp update has brought with it a pleasant surprise for those of us who use the app for video and voice calling: a new icon that makes it easy to make group calls. We’ve mentioned time and time again that the updates of the mega popular messaging app tend to entail small new features that improve the service. And we can say the exact same about this new feature thanks to this new shortcut that’s sure to become one of the most used buttons in the app.


  • Better and faster connection than mobile version
  • Customize desktop notifications
  • Stay connected to friends and family
  • End-to-end encryption


  • No location sharing
  • No video or voice calls through desktop version
  • Requires a constant phone connection

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WhatsApp Messenger Baixar Última Versão – {Atualizado Em 2021} Version History


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